Our Strength

We are concrete

Ability to produce finest quality Crankshafts ranging between 1 to 150 Kgs. and 100to 1500mm between the centers, from 1 to 8 Cylinders application.

Wide range, around 150 different types of Crankshafts/Shafts suitable for Compressors (Air & Refrigeration) and for Engines (Stationery, Tractors, Marine, Earthmovers and other Industrial applications, including Automotive).

Knowledge & Experience:
More than four decades of knowledge & experience in development & manufacturing of Crankshafts & Shafts.

Complete solution for developing and manufacturing Crankshafts & Shafts made from Closed Die Forging, Open Die Forging or S. G. Iron materials.

Development lead time:
Succeed to keep Shortest Lead Time in Development & Supply of Crankshafts, which is Our Exclusivity.

Strategic location, outskirts of the Engineering Hub ~ Rajkot (Gujarat, India), with all Raw Materials and Services available to serve our customers well.

Human Capital:
Dedicated and trained team of people with values in delivering their services to the optimum, strengthening the company in achieving sustainable growth.