Adopted skilled & fully dedicated workforce, we undertakes any kind of Job, falling within our scope, and supply various types of Crankshafts & Shafts either made of different grades of Casting and/or Steel duly all Surface Treatments and Heat Treatments; exactly as per the Customers’ specification.

The following is a brief which utilize Our quality products for uninterrupted utility.


♦  Air

♦   Refrigeration


♦  Automotive

♦  Tractors

♦   Stationery

♦   Agriculture

♦   Industrial

♦   Locomotive

♦   Marine

♦   Earthmover

We have made variety of Crankshafts & Shafts. Currently, our Product Range List is counting beyond 150 types of different Crankshafts & Shafts and it is just increasing well because of the continuous new developments at our end.