Inspection And Testing

With the help of Microscope, we do check Microstructure of the metal being procured./p>

Physical Analysis:

We have Hardness Testing Machine, which being used to check Hardness of every compone

Chemical Analysis:

We kept Heat-wise Material Specimens, duly complete traceability in accordance with the Test Certificates. For cross verifications, as a third-party inspection, we prefers only

” National Accreditation Board For Testing And Calibration Laboratories (NABL)” approved Laboratories to carry such detailed analysis.

Dimensional Inspection:

At our Final Inspection Department, we have fully calibrated Digital Measuring Equipments, where 100% Visual & Dimensional Inspections are done. Each & Every component is being Visually & Dimensionally inspected over here, according to Final Inspection Plan (FIP).

Geometry Inspection:

For Geometry Inspection, we do have “Height Master” as well.

Replica Inspection:

We carrying Replica Test as required.